Athletic Injury Insurance

Please contact the Athletic Training Department as soon as possible following an injury to complete the proper paperwork to file a claim.

  1. The Floresville Independent School District athletic insurance coverage is secondary to the student-athlete’s family coverage. Simply stated, the FISD insurance will pay, to the limit of the policy, charges for athletic-related injuries that:
    1. Are unpaid balances remaining after the family insurance company makes any payments
    2. Are claims which have been denied by the family insurance company
  1. Floresville ISD cannot process outstanding claims that have not been presented to   the family insurance carrier; neither can FISD accept responsibility for outstanding claims.
  1. Floresville ISD DOES NOT receive statements directly from physicians or hospitals. Each charge is to be made in the patient’s name and address.
  1. At times it may be necessary for the insurance company to contact you for information. Your cooperation is necessary for the processing of a claim. Timely response will assist you in assuring prompt payment of claims. Failure to follow these procedures could result in jeopardizing your credit rating.
  1. Payment of Bills:
    1. The athlete and/or family is responsible for submitting each invoice, resulting from medical care of an athletic-related injury, to their insurance company.
    2. If the student-athlete’s insurance company will not pay the bill, the denial statement, all bills and EOB’s MUST then be submitted to the FISD insurance carrier within 12 months of the date of injury.
    3. This procedure must be followed for each athletic-related injury, or the FISD insurance carrier is not responsible for the payment of this bill.
If the athlete is not covered by any insurance, a statement to that effect, along  with the bills, must be sent to the FISD insurance carrier within 12 months of the date of initial injury.