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The Floresville High School athletic programs are growing with an increasing number of teams and athletes. With these increasing numbers, it has become difficult for the Athletic Training Staff to provide quality medical coverage for every team, from Freshmen to Varsity, which represents Floresville High School. With this need, the Student Athletic Trainer program was developed. The Student Athletic Trainer will act as an extension of the district Athletic Trainer and provides medical coverage to their assigned team and athletes.


This can be a large responsibility for the Student Athletic Trainer. The expectations of the Student trainer is to be able to follow rules and guidelines, perform first aid, wear the appropriate uniform and maintain good grades in the classroom. The Student Trainer will be expected to assist the Athletic Trainer when necessary, and to be a good representative of Floresville High School, the Sports Medicine program and the community of Floresville at all times.



The mission of the Sports Medicine Program at Floresville High School is to provide medical coverage to the athletic teams and assistance to the Athletic Training Staff. This program will help young adults learn responsibility for their work, be held accountable for their actions and reward achievement of goals. This program will also provide a social forum for students to interact in a variety of settings that will be both educational and fun.


Goals and Objectives


The goals and objectives of the Sports Medicine Program have been set to measure progress of the program and ensure academic progress towards graduation.


  • To meet the medical coverage needs of the Floresville Athletic Programs.
  • To produce quality high school individuals who excel in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.
  • To provide educational experiences in a variety of settings.
  • To promote Floresville ISD at all times.
  • To provide the student trainer with a multitude of opportunities to develop skills that will enhance their knowledge after high school.
  • To having fun working towards a common goal
  • To award those individuals who have surpassed expectations and effectively display responsibility in their work habits.